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Do you drive a long way to work and back home each day? Do you sometimes feel like you’re wasting valuable time? Safe driving does require your undivided attention, but perhaps we can offer a few tips to help you make the most of that 45 to 90 minutes you’re sitting behind the wheel or on the metro.

  1. Breakfast: Many of us begin our days on the go, and while it might be tempting to grab fast food on the way to work, you can prevent the clogged arteries with a little bit of preparation. The night before, pack a breakfast like you would a lunch, such as a banana or some almonds, maybe even a smoothie, just something that’s easy for you to eat and drive with.
  2. Podcast: (Or audiobook) Sometimes listening to music just doesn’t cut it. For those that drive, most cars are equipped with great audio and smart phone adaptors. Podcasts are often interesting and are a both a productive and informative way to kill time.
  3. Keep Your Car Clean: This can be difficult, but if you come up with a routine that works for you, you’ll appreciate not driving to work in a pile of garbage. Everytime you refill the gas, recycle or throw away all the extra receipts and paper cups that are floating around in your back seat. You might consider keeping a reusable shopping bag or two in your trunk so that you can easily move excess nick nacks to and from your car.
  4. Take 20 Minutes of Silence: Take a period of your commute to enjoy the silence. Focus on your goals. Meditiate. Take time to breathe.
  5. Make Phone Calls: If you drive alone, you basically have your own private phone booth. Take advantage of new hands-free technology, and when safe, call those clients, or your best friend from college.

Commutes are often considered onerous, but they’re often a crucial part of life. The more you do to maximize your time in the car or on the train, the happier you’ll be. This list is just a starting board. With modern technology, the opportunities are endless! You can even do your laundry at the click of a button. Sign up here and look forward to coming home to folded clothes and clean sheets at the end of a busy day!